Thursday, May 31, 2012

BOUNCE: Mix for Chapter 3

This is a continuous mix that I put together to go along with Chapter 3 of my book, which covers the years 1992-1994, a period when the "bounce" sound became a local favorite in New Orleans. This mix has been taken down due to copyright claims, please email me for further information. The mix begins with songs produced outside of New Orleans that were used as some of the core samples and beats within the local style. It then moves to the pioneering bounce recordings from 1992, followed by a small sampling of the similar material produced in the subsequent two years. The song titles are listed below the embedded player.


1. Orville Hall of the Showboys, from film Ya Heard Me? (0:00 to 0:20)
2. The Showboys, "Drag Rap" (instrumental) (0:21 to 1:54)
3. Cameron Paul's "Brown Beats" (1:55 to 2:20)
4. "Drag Rap" combined with "Brown Beats" (2:21 to 2:35)
5. MC T. Tucker & DJ Irv, "Where Dey At" (2:36 to 7:00)
6. Silky Slim, "Sister Sister" (7:01 to 9:08)
7. DJ Jimi, "(The Original) Where They At" (9:09 to 12:06)
8. "Bitches Reply" (from DJ Jimi album It's Jimi) (12:07 to 12:43)
9. MC E, "Lick the Cat" (12:44 to 13:35)
10. Juvenile, "Bounce (for the Juvenille)" (13:36 to 16:36)
11. Pimp Daddy, "Got 2 B Real" (16:37 to 18:27)
12. Everlasting Hitman, "Bounce! Baby, Bounce!" (18:28 to 20:19)
13. Lil Slim, "Bounce Slide Ride" (20:20 to 22:02)
14. Sporty T, "Sporty Talk-N Sporty '93" (22:03 to 23:02)
15. Da' Sha Ra', "Bootin' Up" (23:03 to 23:53)
16. DJ Jubilee, "Stop, Pause" (23:54 to 24:53)
17. Mia X, "Da Payback" (24:54 to 26:23)
18. Lil Elt, "Get the Gat" (26:24 to 27:54)
19. Devious, "Hey P-Poppers" (27:55 to 29:08)

If you're having trouble with the above file, try this one, compressed at 160 kbps for lower bandwidth users:

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